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dwa/(może) trzy kroki do przodu i byłby fajny "rytm" w całości kadru
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są tu dużo lepsze foty ptaków, więc po co pokazywać, gorsze foty ? gdyby to ...
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Shodan napisał(a) dnia 11.12.2016
no i ..... ????
eve-klon napisał(a) dnia 07.12.2016
do @slavicflavour/@Shodan

Submission Review (Series) - Emerging Talent Awards 2016 View Submission
Waligóra – Series Category by Ewelina Labuda
Reviewer Feedback


1=1+11 multi-layered sensitivity of ability ..



perth, United Kingdom

Hello Ewelina! Thanks for sharing your project with us and it was my pleasure to review your work and offer you my feedback.

When I am reviewing a project I always looking for the two ingredients that transport the image from its ordinary statues to something unique. Those ingredients, together with the blending of other elements are the departure of mere representation by means of aesthetic and conceptual choices and the emotional/psychological component. Does the image disseminate a particular emotion to the viewer as a result of the photographer's intuitive connection with the subject? And are there any evidence of this connection. This of course depends on subject-matter content and the like, but one of the two ingredients are imperative for the success of the photographic message. If those two are absent, the image will not transcend and the viewer will not connect with the photographs, therefore the project.

I enjoyed looking at your images and I have rearranged the order of the photographs by placing the strongest ones at the beginning of the sequence. The images that I am drawn to the most are the first seven with the first four being by far the strongest ones. This does not imply that the other images are not good photographers but the first ones have qualities that need to be recognized. Image 8 and 10 are very similar and image 9, although a nice photo in my opinion does not match the overall aesthetic with the other images. The first images and particularly the first four are moving in a good direction. I am getting a clear sense of your visual language and your ability to recognize the aesthetic and formal qualities presented to you which results in images that evoke emotions. Your are more engaged with the environment and you mix and match details and layers that make visuals that are very interesting to look at. This facts does not only let us appreciate the work strictly for their aesthetically pleasing composition but also for the extended narrative beyond the frame; one that touches on the historical component of landscape photography throughout the discourse of the medium.

The first four images are more complicated, layered with textures and tonal values that create harmony but simultenously tension, as is the case with image 1. You maintaining consistency of light which makes the images stay within a specific mood with qualities that are nostalgic and a meaning that is open-ended. You don't force the viewer to a particular meaning but you let him imagine and decipher the nuances of the altered landscape in their own terms and conditions. I am highly suggesting to continue working in the direction of the first images and continue to push the limits while maintaining and exploring the sublime qualities that a result both of the landscape offerings but you aesthetic decisions which are both reflective of the environment but also of your own personality. Your intuitive connection with the landscape is more evident in those first images; they are unpredictable and haunting, more so than the last ones. Last but not least, coming up with a statement as to what the work is about be besides the technical qualities will broaden the scope of the project.

I am wishing you the best in your endeavors and I look forward in seeing more of your work in future competitions.


slavicflavour napisał(a) dnia 11.09.2016
pomyśleć nie wystarczy.. znaczy wystarczy jak się choć troszkę jest obiektywnym.. jak nie to pomyślenie nic nie da. pewnie efekt pomyślenia będzie wręcz przeciwny od oczekiwanego ;-)
Shodan napisał(a) dnia 10.09.2016
Niejaki Andriej Tarkowski powiedział kiedyś : "Moja sztuka jest bardzo prosta: mówię do widza swoim własnym językiem i mogę pragnąć tylko tego, bym został zrozumiany. "

Pomyśl o tym czasami eve ...
bandziol20 napisał(a) dnia 10.09.2016
dla mnie świetne, jakościowo i w klimacie :)
Rafał Zmuda napisał(a) dnia 10.09.2016
wichrowe wzgórza?
eve-klon napisał(a) dnia 10.09.2016
Ty Faktycznie nic nie rozumiesz Shodan a szkoda
Shodan napisał(a) dnia 10.09.2016
Najgorzej być artystą, którego sztukę samemu rozumie się najlepiej ;-)